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Why you should use Yapakit

The following is a list of reasons to use Yapakit specifically instead of another editor or environment.
  • It is free, easy to install and easy to use.
  • It can be used on Windows, Linux or Mac.
  • Navigate in a small or large (>10^6 code lines) Fortran project.
  • Manages both Fortran 77 and Fortran 90.
  • Generates automatically an html documentation of your project.
  • Convert your fixed format Fortran 77 into Fortran 90 free source code format.
  • Helps the reverse-engineering of an existing Fortran project.
  • Generate Fortran 90 dependencies for inclusion in a Makefile : takes module dependencies into account.

Why you should not use Yapakit

The following is a list of reasons not to use Yapakit. Although these features are not implemented yet, they are planned in a near future.

Main Features

As a standard text editor, Yapakit allows to of one file. The main window can be splitted in two parts, either horizontally or vertically. The user can navigate throw the file thanks to tabs.

Yapakit offers also advanced editing features, in addition of the basic upcase, downcase and capitalize. The editor allows unlimited undo or redo, even undo/redo all, in all files. It allows several sorting methods of the lines : increasing, decreasing, unique or not. It offers upcase/downcase/capitalize of the keywords in the source code.

For Fortran files, Yapakit provides the following features for source code : There are several fill / unfill up to the 72-th column and several justify features (plain, left, right, center). The user can also see invisible characters such as blank spaces or tabulations.

The search and replace dialogs have been made has powerful as possible. The search and replace can be done on one file or several files in one time. Regular expressions are taken into account. The filter dialog allows to remove or keep only lines matching a given pattern. The "Search for files" dialog allows to display the files with several sorting methods : by name, by date, by size or by file tails.

Fortran Project Views

Yapakit offers four main views, all of which can be exported into picture files for inclusion in reports.

The Directories view is a tree which allows to browse throw the directories and the files of the project. It also allows to navigate into files, with the details og the content of the files : subroutines, functions, modules, etc...

The Elements view is a list box which allows a fast navigation in a project made of a large amount of subroutines, functions or modules. The user only has to set the first letters, Yapakit compute the list that match that letters.

The Resources view is a list box which allows a fast navigation in a project made of a large amount of files. The system is the same that the "Elements" view, but for files.

The Outline view is a tree which allows to browse the content of the current file. The user can then navigate throw subroutines or functions and can set the order of apparition of the items in the list.

Fortran Specific Tools

The focus has been mainly made on Fortran.

Yapakit can generate an html documentation of your fortran project. This page allows a static navigation throw directories, files and elements of the project. Furthermore, the comments are automatically extracted from the source, without any modification of the source itself and thanks to a customizable comment extractor algorithm.

Yapakit can display several figures which allows to get a global view of the project and its main features. It allows to see the general properties of the project, the largest files, the smallest files, the least commented files and the lines distribution by type of lines (code, comment, blank). These figures can be exported into several pictures formats for inclusion in a report.

Yapakit make the management of fortran Makefiles more easy. It includes a dependency algorithm which takes into account modules dependencies. That data can be exported into a Makefile as well as a simple list of the objects files to generate.

Yapakit includes a f77 to f90 free format conversion tool, which can be applied either file by files, or to a collection of files stored in one directory, including the sub-directories.

Compared to other editors

The following section allows to compare Yapakit to other editors. For users, this is a way to make their choice among the available editors and IDEs and to choose or not to choose Yapakit. I used mostly the same references as the Wikipedia pages : I may have introduced mistakes in these tables : contact me if you have found one. In the situations where I do not known the exact answer, I put a "?". In the situations where the answer is questionnable, I put a "yes/no". The "Visual Studio" software considered in the following tables is the Visual Studio IDE with the Intel Fortran compiler included.


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A more detailed list of the available features in Yapakit is available in the documentation.

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