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Documentation of current release

The documentation is currently available as a pdf file containing approximately 120 pages.

  • Documentation release 09/03/2008


This report is a User's Guide for Yapakit v1.0. The first part is a small tutorial for Yapakit. The second part is devoted to the software support : the portability of the editor is detailed and the installation process is fully presented. The third part of this document is presenting the main editing features. The final part of this guide is devoted to Fortran features. Many Yapakit features are illustrated by an extensive set of screenshots.

Installation of the documentation of current release

In order to save disk space on the webserver of Yapakit and provide the more possible platform-specific releases, the documentation is provided apart from the release itself.

To install the documentation, download the .pdf and move the file under the "doc" directory. Once Yapakit is restarted, the "Menu>Help" command allows to directly open the documentation. If no documentation is found in the "doc" directory, the "Menu>Help" menu is disabled. If several pdf files are matching the "yapakitUserGuide.*.pdf" file pattern, the first one in the list is considered to be the documentation.

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